• Factory assembled blocks ready for installation, or on foils / sheets, for field assembly;

  • Sizing and supply of components for biological filters, or any type and geometry, whether a new or existing filter, to be converted or refurbished, including support structures, perimeter closure, distribution and aeration or ventilation systems, among other;

  • Field services including assembly and installation supervision, commissioning and assisted operation.

    Structured Fill Media

    BIOFill®        - registered at INPI -

    Some features of the BIOFill® line


    • Structured fillers as a support medium for biomass / biofilm, applicable to any tank geometry and for any biological treatment stage (submerged aerated filter, anaerobic filter, percolating filter, anoxic filter, RBC, IFAS, etc.), or transfer applications mass, such as gas scrubbers, or coalescence, such as water-oil separation, etc.;

    • Available in dozens of different models, whose channel configurations can be cross-flow, vertical or mixed, with specific surfaces ranging between 70 and 400 m² / m³, and always with the same void index, greater than 97%;

    • Thanks to the design and the frequency of corrugations existing along the channels, BIOFill® fillers effectively guarantee the highest wetting rates and holding time in adhered biomass processes;

    • In order to be resistant to chemical and biological aggressions over many years, and for the mechanical resistance necessary for the operation of biological filters to be real, even in the worst scenarios, the BIOFill® filler blocks are formed by welded Polypropylene (PP) sheets thermo fusion, through thousands of welding points per cubic meter uniformly applied. This material and joining process guarantee adequate mechanical resistance to the filters (according to the applicable standards), even for a lower price than when using PVC sheets (which we also manufacture but only for specific applications, since this material can cause some operational problems and whose process of assembling blocks requires high quantities of consumables and much longer execution times (which translate into higher costs, etc.);

    • Structured fillers are produced with variable mechanical strengths, depending on operational parameters (depth of each layer of blocks, maintenance procedures, type of support structure, etc.); when the filters are well designed and operated, their useful life is over 20 years, including the upper layer;

    • Depending on the structured filling volume, the blocks can be supplied assembled and ready to be installed, or the material can be delivered in sheets for assembly at the construction site or at another customer location. The transport of disassembled material implies a significant reduction in transport costs: as a rule, up to a volume of ~ 700 m³ per 40-foot container or per 12-m trailer can be considered.

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