High Rate Clarifier for water treatment processes (WTP's), DATc-A

High efficiency and low maintenance compact units suitable to integrate water treatment plants (WTP's). These units are designed for the removal of suspended solids and inert materials and BOD, aiming at water purification or its industrial use.


DATc units of Line A (water) can operate as:


  • Sander, for the removal of heavy particulate material and of different granulometries, as well as inert solids (sands, etc.);

  • Settler, for the removal of flocculated material (organic material, suspended solids, etc.);

  • Clarifier, for the removal of fine and suspended material, including colloidal material and turbidity.

High Rate Clarifier for effluent treatment processes (WWTP's), DATc-E

High efficiency and simple operation compact units suitable to work in association to biological treatment systems, designed for the gravitational elimination of suspended solids, sludge and biomass in processes of biological treatment of effluents in WWTP.


DATc units of Line E (effluent) can be used as:


  • As primary clarifier, after preliminary treatment, for the removal of up to 35% of total BOD and 60% of SS and SSV;

  • As an intermediate clarifier, for systems composed by two or more biological treatment units. In such a case, the DATc-E units shall be installed between the first and the second biological treatment units (such biological units can be FPc, Activated Sludge, MBBR, RBC, lagoons, among other);

  • As a tertiary clarifier, for phosphorus removal (physical-chemical precipitation), after coagulation and flocculation.

Roughing Biological Filter for effluent treatment processes (WWTP's), FPc-D

High efficiency, compact and modular units for biological treatment, of the non-submerged aerobic filter type, implying in low operating costs and simple maintenance. These units are designed to operate as the first stage - ROUGHING - in the biological treatment of domestic or industrial effluents carrying biodegradable material.


The FPc of line D (roughing) is used as the first unit of secondary / biological treatment, for the partial elimination of BOD, producing an effluent with ~50% less charge than the initial influent load, and which effluent usually still requires additional treatment by an FPc-P filter or another biological treatment unit of the municipal or industrial plant.


The inclusion of a roughing FPc in the biological treatment train is highly recommended, since it facilitates the operation and improves the efficiency of the process, as well as it reduces installation and operation costs of the whole secondary stage.


This fact is easily explained because the organic load is eliminated in a phased manner, allowing the development of specific microorganisms and the sequential purge of biomass and solids, which otherwise would permeate the process with negative implications for its efficiency and operation: possible inhibition of certain species of microorganisms that prevent specific biological processes from occurring; higher air requirements and potential obstruction and odor generation due to the large amount of solids present in the filter, among others.

Polishing Biological Filter for effluent treatment processes (WWTP's), FPc-P

Compact and modular units for biological treatment, of the non-submerged aerobic filter type, of low operating cost, simple maintenance and high efficiency, designed to operate as a second stage - POLISHING -, after a first stage of BOD removal (in anaerobic reactor, primary clarifier, FPc-D, etc.), in biological treatment of domestic or industrial effluents carrying biodegradable material.


The FPc of the P line (polishing) is used as a secondary biological treatment unit to reduce concentrations of BOD (by carbonaceous oxidation) and / or ammonia (by nitrification) to values ​​that meet the discharge and quality requirements of the receiving body (lake, river, ocean).


FPc-P filters can also be used as the single unit in a biological treatment stage, depending on the effluent pollution content and on the objective of the treatment.

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DATc[A] High Rate Clarifier - Water (ENG)
DATc[E] High Rate Clarifier - Effluent (ENG)
FPc[D] Aerobic Filter - Roughing (ENG)
FPc[P] Aerobic Filter - Polishing (ENG)