Clarifier Tube Settlers

SEDITube®   - registered at INPI -

  • Factory assembled modules ready for installation, or loose profiles / lamellae for field mounting;

  • Sizing and supply of components for clarifiers, whether new or existing, conventional or high-rate, of any geometry, to be retrofitted or converted, including launders, support structures, distribution system, among other;

  • Field services including assembly and installation supervision, commissioning and assisted operation.

Some features of the SEDITube® line

  • Clarifier modules manufactured in PVC or PP, adaptable to any tank geometry (circular, rectangular, square), and for any type of water and effluent: drinking water and biological treatment or physical-chemical treatment effluents (phosphorus removal, etc.);

  • Clarifier modules available in three (3) channel models, with union of profiles by ultrasound, all dimensions of the modules made according to the available area and geometry of the tanks (length, width, height, angle), preventing existence of free spaces and making it impossible preferred channels or speed gradients;

  • Channels with Chevron configuration, which truly ensure the self-cleaning of the channels;

  • Depending on the volume of modules, they can be assembled at the factory and delivered ready to be installed in the clarifier, or the profiles can be assembled on site, thus significantly reducing transportation costs;

  • Installed in hundreds of WTP's (water clarifiers) and WWTP's (primary, intermediate, secondary and tertiary clarifier) all over the world in the past 40 years; in Brazil, SEDITube® modules are present in some of the largest treatment plants of the country.

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